Bellagio OpenMAX Integration Layer Khronos

  Latest News  Bellagio 0.9.3 is the current version 

The OpenMAX IL Bellagio package ver. 0.9.3 has been released

The main additions to this delivery are:
  • A support for dynamic loading of components
  • An enhanced Resource Manager mechanism
  • The support for Android compilation (Froyo)
  • Several bug fixes and added the support fro 64 bits
  Bellagio OpenMAX Integration Layer  Bellagio 0.9.3 is the current version 

OpenMAX Integration Layer (IL) is a standard API to access Multimedia Components on mobile platforms. It has been defined by the Khronos group.
By means of the OpenMAX IL API, multimedia frameworks can access hardware accelerators on platforms that provide it.

Bellagio is an opensource implementation of the OpenMAX IL API that runs on Linux PC, including:

  • A shared library with the IL core and a "reference" OpenMAX component
  • A number of OpenMAX components which pass Khronos conformance tests
It is intended to show the usage of the IL API and to allow people to start developing components.

The current package includes:
  • The IL core
  • A component loader for static libraries for Linux
  • A framework of components and ports base implementations for Bellagio Hierarchy
The available components in the main packages are:
  • Audio volume control
  • Audio mixer component
  • Video scheduler to synchronize frames on output
  • OMX Clock component. It take audio(default) as input reference clock and provide media clock to video sink and other component. It support fast forward and rewind
A set of simple test applications show the various OpenMAX features, like the data tunneling between components

Other components are available as external packages. The components are classified in term of reliability and support. The main categories are:
  • Fully implemented and working fine (good)
    • Video scheduler component
    • Clock component
    • Volume control component
    • Audio Mixer
    • video renderer on dev/fb
    • Video camera source components based on Video For Linux
    • MP3 Audio decoder based on mad library
    • OGG Audio decoder based on libvorbis
    • 3GP Parser with audio/video output
  • With some rework to do (bad)
    • Audio ALSA source and renderer
    • Audio AMR encoder and decoder
    • Jpeg image encoder and decoder
    • FFMPEG Audio decoder with some formats supported (mp3, aac, ogg, g726)
    • FFMPEG Video decoder with some formats supported (mpeg4, avc)
    • FFMPEG video color converter
  • Working only in some conditions (ugly)
    • Template audio components with read/write functionalities
    • Xvideo renderer component
    • FFMPEG Audio encoders (mp3, aac)
    • FFMPEG Video encoders (mpeg4)
    • FFMPEG file reader
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